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Make sure your message is sent to the right people, everywhere: DTS data can help you effectively deepen your hold in existing markets and efficiently grow to new markets.


Gain incremental revenue and improve your users’ online experience by opting-in to personalized and more relevant advertisement.


We cherish online privacy and believe in empowering web users through education providing online choices. Our data is free of PII and compliant with voluntary privacy regulation.


Our Data

DTS provides a single point of contact to millions of publishers and over a billion interactions per day. The DTS data offering is comprised of a data set at a scale of a billion validated monthly unique users worldwide and audience segments broken into behavioural, demographic and contextual verticals. DTS data is available via the major DMPs and select direct DSP integrations.

Technology Partners

Distribution Partners

Demand Partners

Partners Program

DTS data and technology can yield added value in a number of use cases:

Agencies and DSPs can use our data to achieve more effective marketing and augment programmatic advertising with international audience data.

Web services and major publishers can gain insight and discover audiences insight out of their unstructured data.

Data intensive enterprises, such as DMPs and content recommendation platforms use our data to grow and enter new markets at scale.

For partnership inquiries, please contact us and we will return to you shortly.


Publishers’ Value

Improve relevance of advertisement for your users and benefit from improved advertising performance. By working with DTS you enable marketers to consider the effect your message has with your users and offer your users more relevant, interest-based, advertisement.

We are working on releasing additional services soon, such as detailed audience analytics, content recommendations and concept modification. Stay tuned for updates!

Publisher Program

We will re-open our publisher partners’ program for new publishers soon; you can register with us and we will notify you as soon as we re-open the floodgates and release more features.

Users' Privacy

DTS values online privacy and aims to empower users’ online choices. DTS requires all its publishers to uphold the privacy criteria as described in our technology privacy policy. Further information and opt-out links are available at our Privacy Center.

Privacy Center

Our Commitment

DTS is committed to the protection of online privacy. We collect general and non-personal data about our users and distribute it to our data partners, with the goal of improving the relevance of online advertising and to offer a more personalized online experience. DTS complies with the relevant privacy-related state and self-regulatory criteria, further information on OBA privacy framework could be found in our resourses section. Currently, DTS does not provide any services in the European Economic Area (EEA), service will be resumed once we feel that we are able to comply with the GDPR criteria.

Privacy Policies

Technology privacy policy

Website privacy policy for dtscout.com


DTS respects your choices and cherishes your privacy, you can opt-out from our service at any time. We encourage users to review our Technology privacy policy and educate themselves about online privacy with respect to personalized advertising; relevant educational material could be found in recourses.

You are currently not Opted-out from the DTScout Platform.

Educational Resources

We encourage users to inform themselves with online privacy standards, practices and regulation and familiarize with privacy related issues having to do with online behavioral advertising and non-personally-identifiable information collection and use. The following resources offer certain insight into such matters:

User Requests

We offer the ability for any user to request a copy of their data and/or request the data to be deleted. All requests will be responded to as quickly as possible via email, please complete the form below to make your request. If the form below does not appear we do not have any information tied to your user id. User ID's are browser specific.